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Gary from WA, Australia.Overall Score: 9.5/10
Nexus Tamper - Jarrah Handle
Excellent customer service and fantastic quality product.

I only have positive things to say about the ordering process. I started with a number of emails back and forth enquiring about how I would be able to customise my tamper, because there was a specific quote I wanted engraved. The team went through the pros and cons, suggested some fonts and sizes which would be readable at the size I needed to have in order to fit the quote I wanted. Most of these replies came back on the same day I wrote them, if not the next working day.

Throughout the actual process of making the tamper, I was updated which it was being made, and when it had been sent. I received the tamper the next morning after it was shipped which just added to the great service.

The quality of the product is excellent, and I can already see the improvement in the shots now that I have a tamper specifically designed for my basket. I would definitely recommend getting your tamper custom sized to a basket (I purchased a VST basket with my order in order to make sure the tamper was exactly right)

Before having the perfect tamper for my basket, I'd notice on the naked portafilter that shots would always slide down the edges of the basket, now things are a lot more uniform and the shots are great.

Thank you Greg and the team for all your help, and the final quality of the product.
Karlene McCabe from NSW Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Nexus - Checkerboard
Professional Pullman Precision

I have been patiently waiting after becoming a coffee lush back in 2009. I did my homework and found the best, Pullman. I doodled over my son-in-laws Deluxe with envy. Hinting where ever possible that the tamper I used was not the best. Although everyone raves over my Sunbeam Cafe 6910 efforts, I knew the difference. I was missing the step to get the best out of my home roasted blend.

Then like a rainbow in my sky, my birthday came and my hints were finally heard.

The customer service was more than excellent and the finished product came within the week of ordering.WOW that was just fantastic.

I opened the parcel and just burst into cheers "Its Here" I held it and inspected the wood it was impecable and I am so very grateful for the craftmanship.

I even took it to work as a show and tell, it now sits in pride of place in my coffee cafe sideboard, waiting for my daily ritual to start.

And YES the finished product of my coffee cusine is just the best of the best..

A HUGE THANK YOU I SHOUT to the people of Pullman who only make and send the best.

Matt Ridley from NSW.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper - Jarrah handle, custom engraving
Words are not enough

A lot has already been said about the quality of both the service and product produced by Greg Pullman. But a few things cannot be adequately conveyed in words alone. The feeling of using a tamper that actually fits your hand, whatever size your hand is, needs to be experienced to really be appreciated. The weight, balance and surface texture, the over-all control that is possible with this tamper, is something only actual use will confirm. My expectations were high with this tamper, given the hype leading up to its release, so opportunity for disappointment was also high. But this tamper has exceeded expectations and, really, is quite a marvellous piece of design.

Having owned and loved the Deluxe, I didn't quite know what to expect with the Barista. But this tamper has confounded the usual cardinal sin of designers, namely, the design of something by people who don't use it. The Barista tamper was designed by someone who has an intimate working relationship with the object of their design. Of course, the Deluxe benefitted from the same relationship, it's just that this relationship has now matured. The Barista is sufficiently different from the Deluxe, however, that both offer something unique that will appeal to different needs.

The Barista is lighter, for a start. I thought at first that this might be a negative, but it has made the Barista so flexible, so maneuverable, so 'right' in the hand, that it really does feel like an extension of your hand. I can change the way I hold it and it will change the way it adapts to my hand. The tactile sense is very direct and very 'warm' - it's simply a pleasure to use it. I almost wish it could do more than just tamp coffee!

But the same needs to be said for the service. This company is run by people who know what it's like to order stuff from the net. They understand the process, and they understand the customer. They know, for instance, that the single most important aspect of this sort of relationship is communication, and they do it conscientiously and sincerely. It makes all the difference. If there's a problem, they don't just fix it, they let you know about it and respect your feedback. They are, in short, the kind of guys you just want to do business with, whatever they're selling, because you know it will be a good experience and you are dealing with honest people who believe absolutely in their product and their customers. They belong to that rare category of on-line sellers who really deserve your custom and deserve to do well. And they own the product.

Do I sound positive enough? I just can't speak to highly about this tamper or Greg and Robin's business. They belong at the very top of the tree, and I have a lot of experience of on-line businesses over many years.

So, if you've bothered to read this far and are still in the market for a coffee tamper, look no further. The price maches the quality of the product and the service, and you will be using it many, many years after you have forgotten all about how you got it in the first place, or how much you paid for it.

Oh, and ah, it's an extremely beautiful object...
Kane Blaber from Queensland Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper - grape and white inlet handle
I am still smiling!!!! Its just amazing!!!

I had a huge speel written here that i re-wrote about three times, but i think saying this is more approprite.

I have never had such excellent service in my entire life! Being able to talk directly to the man who created the tamper, having all my qestions answered by Greg through continual email contact, to have Greg go out of his way to get me the tamper I wanted, without me even prompting for this action, to having the product within the set time frame, the only thing that slowed the sale down was me! Yes thats right the customer made the mistake! All in all, even if the tamper wasnt right for me, I was still going to be happy to have it but now that i have it........

I wanted to write this after a full day's use with the tamper. We did 10-12 kilos of coffee today, in two solid blocks, it was mental. And I couldnt stop smiling. I was so impressed by the tamper,it just fits so nicely in the hand, not once did it feel uncomfortable to use. The weight is PERFECT. The ballance is impresive, and the results from the shots? Excellent.

Except for the shots i burnt, they were my fault all the way, there were notes on the palate that i wasnt able to get before, there were aromas on the nose that were more prominent now, I am in love!!! Also i have to say one thing, the photos do NOT do this tamper justice, it is far more apealing in real life, it just looks sexier (if a tamper can look sexy), I am just happy, and i am still smiling, i am eager to go back to work on monday because i know i will be able to use it again!!!

Once again, thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou.

Naked coffee, Brisbane
Frank from United Kingdom.Overall Score: 4/10
Deluxe Tamper
Bloody post office!

I been looking for a good tamper for last 6 months. So my choice was your website and Pullman Deluxe tamper. The reason was ratio between price and quality.

My living place is London, so I had doubts that shipping price will be too high, witch was around 30% of total. But my final decision was to get this even with high postage cost.

Today I'v collected my tamper from post office, but there was extra charge for 22 pounds witch is more than 32$. So in total tamper cost was almost the same as shipping price.

I know that you guys are well known company because for your brand, product quality and customers feedback. As you selling your products all over the world and couple words like: "check your post office about extra charge" would be extra an mile and big help. That's the only thing I am missing.

I know that some people will refuse to buy knowing total sum, so you will lose money. But my opinion is better to give as much info as possible than a disappointed customer.

Regards and good luck!


Thanks Frank... I've not heard of post offices charging extra for their service, unless this was some unusual customs fee? We've not come across that from anyone before to know to warn people but thanks for the heads-up. Greg.
Norman from QLD, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper
Exquisite finish. Great product

Extremely fast postage. Prompt updates on the order/payment process and when items arrived, I was blown away by the quality of the finish on the tamper and the VST basket purchased. Extremely happy and now I just want to make coffee all the time! One less variable to think about in the coffee appreciation experience.
Karl Ashman from Queensland, Australia.Overall Score: 9.5/10
Hottop Repair
Thank you for a good repair experience and after sales support


I just want to thank you for some great service in after sales support of my Hottop Roaster. When it went on the blink, all I could think of was - 'There's more money down the drain'. But your quick responses to my emails and prompt turn around time after diagnosing the fault has been fantastic. I'm now back happily roasting on what I consider to be the bee's knees of home roasting equipment. The only bit I could suggest improving is clearly stating what the initial process for getting the roaster to you is, as there was a bit of a confusing delay after placing the order and finding out what to do next. Mind you, that didn't affect me to much due to work issues.

Overall, it was a great experience and I know that should I have any problems with my roaster in the future, I can have confidence in your support. Once again, thank you!

Karl Ashman

Thanks Karl, we'll take a look at that. Greg.
John Leach from Vic Australia.Overall Score: 9.5/10
VST Filter Basket 15gm
As good as it gets

The improvement in coffee shot is great,this is (the best bang for your buck) better than i had expected.
Cam Langford from Nsw.Overall Score: 10/10
Vst 15g basket
Great product

Great advice and service topped by a terrific product. Was having trouble with a new grinder and old baskets on my gaggia classic. Changing to the VST basket instantly produced a greater extraction. Cheers
Arron Arntzen from West Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
4x VST ridgeless baskets
Incredible service and outstanding products.

21/11/12: Thank you for the prompt delivery of the 4 VST ridgeless baskets Ė paid for just before 10am yesterday, delivered 9:05am today. Incredible! Thanks to Aust Post as well.

14/12/12: The 15, 18, 20 & 22g VST baskets are so good I took them into my coffee roaster and he has now ordered several for his shop. They comprehensively outperformed the ones delivered with his new $A15,000 machine.

I had read the VST's are finicky but worth it. To optimise the VST's using my grinder & makers: On a scale of 1 to 25, grind it two stages finer & then underdose it about 10%. Unlike my other baskets (La Pavoni, Gaggia, Rangio, Sunbeam and Synesso) where my solid 24/18 stainless "American curved tamper" works better, using my (long retired) 10/12 stainless flat tamper made a huge difference to the VST's flavour. Intriguingly, it made no discernible difference to the pressure or time readings. I believe the "finicky" comments for VST's is due to the grind / dosage combination - it is both critical and non-intuitive.

Making the coffee: The VST's take a lot longer to blond and the coffee is sweeter, stronger and, surprisingly to me, a lot richer in flavour. The 15g is actually stronger than the makers standard 18g baskets. An outstanding product, especially when combined with a naked portafilter. As my flat tamper is quite poor, I have just ordered a Pullman one out of curiosity.
James McNicol from NSW Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
VST Basket

The order process was extremely easy,the delivery time was great and the product was first class.I have used the basket once only,so far,but I could not be happier with the results.All in all a top class experience.
Andrew Roffey from NSW Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe tamper resizing
Very satisfied with service.

I had originally bought the Pullman Deluxe Tamper - Jarrah handle for my Sunbeam EM6910. It had served me very well. Then I bought two VST baskets from Thingscoffee and my tamper no longer fitted perfectly. So I sent the tamper base back to be resized. Within a week I had it back and it now fits the VST baskets perfectly. I am very happy with the expert and very quick service.
Barry from Victoria, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Valved Coffee Storage Bag
Terrific service

You had the right product to complement my Hottop purchase, a territic roaster needed a safe and reliable storage medium. The bags were eactly what I was looking for, size at 250gm and silver so I could easily write on each bag details of the roast I had completed and stored. Quick turn around of the order and excellent communication along the order process to delivery. Fast delivery WoW!!!
Greg Payne from South Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Quickest online purchase ever

Barista Tamper number 2 for us. Already owned one and got the ok from my wife for a 2nd to go with our 2nd machine. Placed order at 1.30pm today and had it in my hand at 4pm. Ok I was able to drive down and pick it up but still, that's quick. Grabbed a VST 18g to go with it, came home, quick rinse to ensure it was clean and made 2 superb coffees. Will probably be looking for another VST basket for 2nd machine and see about getting my old tamper sized to fit it (slightly too big now so should be possible). Best tamper money can buy. Cheers Greg
Barry Cooper from Qld,Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Nexus / Jarrah handle
Unbelirvable,matched to VST baskets

Information on tampers onsite was most helpful.Ordering was easy and process to payment and order cofirmation was effortless.Delivery was prompt and on arrival I used triple basket and tamper to pull a restretto for self . Ease of use made this an unforgettable exsperience.As Coffee Snob member I must pass my exsperiance on in the forum .Iam so satisfied that I have provided baskets plus tamper to my son in Sydney. Thank you for your sevice and products Barry
Rhys from NSW, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Barrista Tamper
Tamping leads to a smile

I've just received my new barrista tamper and I have to say brilliant. Made quite a few expressos and a joy every time. The rubber on the head of the puck is ingenious. When you apply pressure you can feel the rubber working. My mother is a full time barista, and she was blown away by it. I've got an ordinary home sunbeam machine ($250.00) and with this tamper, great beans and a great grinder your can produce fantastic results. Greg was so helpful, as I have a ~51mm basket and I didn't know this. I gave these guys my machine and they produced the perfect tamper. I was so impressed with their service I've now purchased the unpressurised krup basket, and once I save my cookies (money) I'll buy a $1000+ coffee machine with a commercial group head and order another one of these tampers at 58mm. Fantastic tamper, fantastic service, fantastic coffee. Black liquid Gold - A Pullman Tamp!
Alexander Iurovetski from Victoria, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Flat Tamper - 316 steel flat base, Cobalt Blue anodised handle

I've got exceptional service from Greg starting with detailed answers to my questions and finishing with delivery of exceptional quality tamper. Thank you very much.
Paul from Victoria, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper - Cobalt Blue + Synesso 15g Ridgeless Basket
Excellent Service

I placed my order, and sent through an e-mail wishing to amend it a day later. Greg responded to my e-mail promptly, processed the change with no hassles, and by the end of that day, my goods had dispatched!
Panfilo Di Fonzo from Western Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper
Something Special.

Like any work of art designed and built with passion, it's a pleasure to own and use every day.
Aaron from Melbourne, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper - Jarrah handle
World-class product, locally produced, excellent service

An amazing experience right from the start, and one that is continuing daily when I get to use my tamper at work. Initial communication was professional and helpful, and I could not be happier with my tamper. I am very serious about coffee, and I love that skilled people are doing wonders for our industry right here in Australia, from the coffee makers to the tamper makers, and I am so glad to be using my Pullman. I tell everyone who will listen (and some who won't!) about how great it is. I put it in people's hands and they can't help but marvel. I love the feel of it as I pick it up as much as I love the feel and feedback it provides during its use. I have used Pullman Barista tampers before, and I knew when I bought it that it would be an excellent work tool, and it has even blown me away further. I can't stress enough how the build quality and use is second to none that I have ever seen or used. I would like to echo a comment I read above by saying that I hope you sell thousands and keep progressing. Thank you for your wonderful product.
Sue Aston from QLD.Overall Score: 10/10
Nexus tamper, Jarrah handle
I love good quality products

I have been thinking of getting one of Greg's tampers for a while now and I even bothered him with my many questions via Coffee snobs, to which he patiently replied. The order process was very organised and easy, with great communication every step of the way. The tamper arrived within days (very well packaged) and it is a thing of beauty! I enjoy using it everyday and realise now how awful my old tamper was. ....and the household has been given strict instructions not to touch my new toy!
David from QLD, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Tamper resizing
Quick and professional

I just upgraded to the Breville Dual Boiler machine, but found that my Deluxe Tamper that I had been using with my old machine didn't quite fit the Breville baskets. I posted it off for resizing with a sample basket and had it back within a week. Thanks Greg and Robin for the great service and the quick turnaround. Hassle free!
Tjiam Charles from Jakarta, Indonesia.Overall Score: 9.5/10
Pullman Barista - Burgundy
Marvelous, this is insanely beautiful

I bought Pullman Deluxe 2 years ago, and still looks brand new. And now i bought Pullman Barista, because i think Pullman Tamper worth of collectible items. The first time i use it, WOW. The ergonomic is improved, i works just like an extension of my hands. If the spacer is 99,99% gapless it will be a piece of art.
Lexi from WA, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Base - Jarrah Handle

I would like to thank Robin for being so thorough with information and customer service when purchasing a tamper. He made the experience enjoyable and easy. I was resistant to order a product that needed such precision online but it was made very simple for me by Pullmans. As the tamper was for a gift it was important for it to be just perfect, and it was! My partner was thrilled with his tamper and said it was "absolutely awesome", he just loves to use it every morning. The care and flexibility Pullmans offers is unbelievable, they have it all covered! I would highly recommend this quality product and it makes for a perfectly unique gift.
Brent Hansen from Queensland.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper/Jarrah handle
Beautiful craftsmanship

Obviously made with pride and care. Web photos don't do it justice. Perfect balance and feel,matched to the VST basket. Worth every cent!! Great to deal with people on a personal level who have a real passion about their product and coffee. Thanks again Greg and Robin. Brent.
Arthur from WA, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Barister Tamper - argent handle, Ridgeless Synesso baskets double and triple
Fantastic service and product!

A big thanks to Greg and Robin for their excellent service and assistance, the purchase experience was great and the product is fantastic!! I got my Pullman tamper ahead of schedule and what a lovely beast it is. Its the barista model with silver handle in gloss, looks and feels sensational. I also got matching double and triple Synesso baskets and stronger spring for the PF. I love it! Its a pleasure to use.
Kira from Victoria Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Prompt, informative, helpful, beautifully crafted end product.

Thank you for our beautiful tamper. It fits perfectly and is contributing to making great coffee. An overall high level of satisfaction from initial correspondance to final product. Thankyou.
Nathanael Boehm from Christchurch, New Zealand.Overall Score: 9/10
AeroPress & Hario mill
AeroPress + Hario mill combo ACE!

Really appreciate the bundling of the AeroPress and the Hario mill together because I had no idea what mill I should get. I searched over a dozen online stores and ThingsCoffee.com.au were the best value. Shipped quickly, packaged well and works great - although thanks to me not reading the instructions properly I did end up with a used grind cake on the floor.
Graeme from Perth WA.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper
Excellent product...just love it.

Great service from Robin in answering my queries leading to me placing an order on 16/5/11. The tamper arrived on the 24/5/11. It is even better in the "flesh" than I imagined. Top quality materials and workmanship and a glove like fit to the matching Synesso basket. No need to tap the filter basket with the tamper to get the grinds settled like with the old tamper. I get an even tamp first time. It is polished to perfection and has a nice feel and weight and looks fantastic.
Mark Johnson from Vic, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Krupps Basket
Very satisfied with my purchase

After putting up with the pressurised baskets supplied with my Sunbeam Espresso machine I started looking for something better a while ago. Most notable comments on CoffeeSnobs pointed me to Krups and thingscoffee.com.au After purchasing this new Krups basket I'm already very satisfied after my first few coffees with it. It also fits perfectly into the Sunbeam handle that came with my machine.
John Fazio from Victoria.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper
An absolute delight to do business with you.

A very high level of service. The customer communication during the entire buying/delivery process was excellent. The quality and functionality of the product proved to be outstanding. A good experience all round.
Kate McKenna from Queensland.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper, Red Gum Handle, Sunbeam 6910
Brilliant experience

Amazing personalized service from initial enquiry email to finished product arriving at my house. I sent my baskets in and Queensland had two floods and two cyclones to deal with, so it was a while before I got it. Totally worth the wait though. It is, undoubtedly, the best engineered thing in my kitchen (and that includes some high end stainless steel appliances)! Feels solid and business-like in the hand. Does exactly what it's supposed to do. Effortlessly. Even if you have to wait for Santa, or save up for it, buy a Pullman Tamper!
Rob from VIC, Australia.Overall Score: 9.5/10
Hottop KN-8828B
Great service, very happy

I've been very impressed with the service offered by Greg and Robin, despite some shipping and supply delays which were out of their control. They have been very communicative and helpful along the way, provided some great advice on getting up to speed on the Hottop and the product is just terrific. In particular, the bean mass probe install is very well thought out, I can't imagine how I could roast without it.

In about 2 weeks of using Hottop i've far exceeded both the quality and consistency of the roast I was getting out of a Behmor, not surprising given the difference in cost, but very satisfying.
Andrew from Western Australia.Overall Score: 9.5/10
Deluxe Tamper - Jarrah handle
Perfect fit for my Quaha

Initially the tamper took a little longer to arrive than I initially anticipated due to order processing issues courtesy of elecrical storms provided by mother nature (can't be helped), however communication was good to let me know where things were at. When the tamper arrived the jarrah deluxe handle looks great and more importantly the tamper is a perfect fit for my Quaha machine's basket. No more chasing coffee grounds around and much easier to get a consistent tamp, especially with the sure tamp rings. It was great when my latest order of 5 senses beans arrived on thew same day so both new tamper and fresh beans could be enjoyed together. Many thanks Andrew
Matt Tillotson from NSW, Australia.Overall Score: 9.5/10
Deluxe Tamper-Jarrah Handle
Great product and even better service.

The quality of this tamper is so impressive that you have to see it to believe it. Custom milled to the exact size of my porter filter, it fits like a glove making tamping faster and more consistent especially when also using the sure tamp rings. My emails were all responded to quickly. Thanks again Greg.
Joerg from Germany.Overall Score: 9/10
Barista black engraved
personal service to visitors

Good website, instant replies. It was even possible to collect the useful souvenir personally, thanks Greg! It feels great using it.
Georgia Kiselitza from South Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper-Red Gum handle

From start to receiving the tamper was a great experience. Ordering was easy, was kept informed all the way, the product is excellent and it's a joy to use. Ready to order another one for the kids.
The Green Monki Coffee & Roastery from Rockland,MA USA.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista 316 S/S Anodized
Outstanding service from start to finish!

Having spent many hours on different forums reviewing opinions about which is the best tamper to purchase I chose the Pullman Barista 316 S/S fitted to a Synesso double basket. Why?

Reputation was one of the key factors, also because Greg actually takes enough pride in his craftmanship to machine each tamper to custom fit your basket or suggest that you purchase a quality Synesso. Perfect match! Great communications alongthe way, answered every question within a 1/2 hour of my email. Ordered the Barista online on Nov. 4th, shipped on the 8th and it arrived on Nov 16! basically 8 days half way round the world from the time it was shipped. Great protective packaging and when I finally opened the box I was truly impressed with the overall appearance.

Well balanced, excellent machining and design, and the weight is perfect. I will be ordering some more in the very near future!! Thanks Greg for the great service and products!
Karl from Vic, Aus..Overall Score: 9.5/10
Hario Hand Grinder
Great communication and fast delivery.

Things Coffee came highly recommended by many people who had bought through them on the Coffee Snobs forums and the experience certainly lived up the those recommendations. Great communication during the whole process, fast delivery and the product is exactly what I was after.
Kym Briggs from SA.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper - Russet Bronze
Excellent product, great service

Now that I have had a number of days to use the tamper I'm really happy with the product. Well engineered and crafted and is a local product, perfect fit in the basket and great balance in the hand.
Greg Miller from Victoria.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Red Gum handle
Top Stuff...

G'day Greg, From the moment i ordered until i took the tamper out of the box, the whole process was easy. Your knowledge of everything coffee machine and attention to detail is worth the asking price. Now lets get to the quality, you can feel it through the packaging.!!! The weight and balance are perfect, the finish is first class. Too anybody considering a Pullman Tamper, you will not be disappointed with the service and attention to detail in both your initial order and ultimately the beautiful Pullman Tamper you receive in the end. To all at Pullman, Thanks and Cheers Greg...
Scott Watkin from South Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper with Huon Pine and matching Synesso Double Basket.
Huon Pine handle and a perfectly fitting basket.

When I bought my machine I was advised by the salesman that the crumby plastic tamper really was not good enough and so I bought a nice heavy comfortable tamper. But...it was a little small for my basket and so I was needing to tap the portafiller to get the coffee down from the sides and then I had to tamp again. I thought this was "OK" and I was not sure why I had the occasional bad shot. My research lead me here. I reckon I was getting channelling (not from dead people, but ) due to puck fractures.

The perfect fit and feel of my new tamper has convinced me that this is a great product. Excellent service both before and with the sale. When I saw the option of a Huon Pine handle I was certain this was for me. If you are thinking about getting a Pullman Tamper...just do it. Just be sure that you match it to your existing basket or buy a new basket at the same time.
Stephen Lower from Northern Territory.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Red Gum handle
Absolute Perfection!

Ordered my Deluxe tamper for my Sunbeam EM5800 after many a poor coffee with the supplied tamp/spoon combination from Sunbeam (ordered within a month of owning the machine). Greg and Robin were more than helpful with the order, making the process quick, precise and painless, resulting in my tamp arriving in just over a week. I admit I was initially a sceptic, ordering another generic tamp from another manufacturer for the Sunbeam, thinking "surely it's not that great". Boy was I wrong. From the moment my Deluxe tamper arrived onwards, all of the coffee's made on my EM5800 using this work of art have excelled in quality and exceeded all expectations of my family and many jealous friends. And what about the generic tamp from the other manufacturer I hear you ask? I still use it often - as a paperweight. Again, many thanks to Pullman Espresso Accessories for the quintessential tamp for my EM5800.
Arek Daniel from NSW, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper Argent Silver handle
Beutiful, perfect tamper. Work of art you'll use every day.

This is my second Pullman tamper (previous used with smaller machine). Had it for over 2 years, used daily & it still looks as good as the day i bought it. Very solid, elegant, perfect size for my large hands. I've used couple of other commercial tampers for comparison, but this one wins hands down. It just does what it's supposed to do perfectly while looking great at the same time. Ordering was easy, delivery prompt and best of all it is made in Australia! The only "negative" - after buying such a quality product there's no real reason to buy another one. But then again, maybe different tamper for each day of the week? Yes, that sounds good...
Raphael from NSW, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista tamper - argent
Fantastic product and service.

I was moved to blog a little blog about the Pullman tamper I got for fathers' day: http://www.tsuken.co.nz/pullman-coffee-tampers-total-win/ An extract follows ... I noticed an immediate improvement in the quality of my coffees, but have waited to see whether it was a honeymoon effect, or just wishful thinking Ė or just a randomly good day. A couple of weeks on, I can report itís definitely a consistent and persisting change: this tamper has helped me improve my shots greatly. The team at Pullman Tampers were great to deal with throughout. They answered all our questions promptly and thoroughly Ė and the guy who actually made it (Iím not sure whether itís still Greg Pullman making them or not) even rang me to confirm how deeply I tamped, so that he could be sure he had it perfect for me. Itís not the cheapest tamper in the world, but the improvement in my espresso makes it worth every cent - and then some, I reckon. And it looks damn cool too. 8)
T Fraser from NT.Overall Score: 9.5/10
Deluxe Tamper
Ah so thats how to tamp properly!

Very happy with having purchased the tamper. Makes for better coffees, and compliments my rather expensive coffee machine!
James Lawton from ACT.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Wenge handle
A work of art

Ordering this tamper for my Presso was a bit of an indulgence - considering it cost more than the Presso! However, it was worth every penny. The base and handle are truly works of art - beautifully and precisely crafted. The true tamp rings have already come in handy, showing that I was consistently tamping at an angle, which is now easy to correct. I can now check that I am tamping to a consistent depth too. I love the Wenge wood, amazing colour and density. The whole experience with Greg and Robin has been a pleasure. They were quick to provide advice and keep me up to date on the making process. Greg even fettled the base a little to better suit the characteristics of the Presso filter basket. When I do take the plunge to a full espresso machine the first thing I will do is get a Pullman tamper to go with it! Thanks again
Helena from NZ.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Wenge handle

Thanks very much for the outstanding communication, assistance, service, and product! Its beautiful. I had to keep it hidden until now as it was a present for my other half - he is very chuffed with it, and the amount of difference it has made is surprising. Thanks heaps, Helena
Kurt Timmins from Qld - Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe - Red Gum
First class from beginning to end!

Everything went smoothly, from ordering to delivery. My questions were answered promptly, and I was kept in the loop during the entire process. I spent some time recently in the US and looked for a tamper there - but the choice was limited and production standards were shoddy. A local barista suggested I should look into a Pullman, and I'm glad I did. The workmanship is superb, and the red gum handle looks great in my kitchen. And now t hat I am finally putting together the grind, extraction time and tamp, the results are as beautiful as the tamper! Thanks to all!!
Kevin Gain from WA.Overall Score: 10/10
deluxe Huon Pine

Only problem is that the coffee at home is so much better with the tamper that it has made it even harder to find better coffee out!
Koenig Kurt from Munich, Germany.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Green convex - Barista Bronze flat - fitting Synesso baskets
Work of Art and a great tool in one

Got them today, so this won't be a long term user's review, but I doubt I will change my mind after a longer using period: They are great! Nice to look at, nice to touch - but all in all first they are a great example of perfect craftmenship. Made some shots with the single basket, some with the double, figured out, that I needed less coffee than I did with my old tampers - maybe it's because of the better compression throughout the whole basket to the sides. The bases fit perfectly in the synesso baskets, which are perfectly polished, much better than the original ECM baskets. First shot I made was awful, overextracted, but with the next shot I tamped a little less (although my old tamper was heavier) and reduced the coffee amount: perfect! The rings on the barista base make it very easy to handle - probably I never tampered that even before. And polishing the puck never felt that good as well. After all, I am glad I tried them and I am sure: I will never need another tamper anymore. Did this all sounded positive? Than I translated everything right. Thanks for reading, best regards from Munich, Germany, Koenig Kurt Left to say: Thanks, Robin, for the great and very kind communication. I really appreciated it.
Diana from Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper Wenge Handle

I had been using the plastic tamper that came with my Silivia and since getting the Pullman tamper my coffee has improved 300%. The Pullman tamper is an excellent product, easy to use and accurate and I love the way you can polish the coffee and no grounds stick to the bottom of the tamper. Having a perfect fitting tamper makes tamping really easy, now I have a beautifull crema that just wasn't there before. At the time of purchase, I thought it was a bit expensive but now since using the tamper, I am glad I bought this and not a cheaper, non fitted version. This one will be around for years and every cup of coffee I make will benefit from it. Thankyou!
Birthe Bridgeman from NSW, Aust.Overall Score: 9.5/10
Barista tamper, several
Great product, hit with our baristas as an appreciation present

Overall high satisfaction with service, product and response time. Will definetely use it again in the future when I need a tamp, very addictive product range - unfortunately for my wallet!
Andrew from Vic, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper-Jarrah handle
Just feels sooo good.

Everything went with ease. Communication was excellent and the product... perfect. I cant stop the habit of tapping the PF with the handle so next time it will have to be the Barista handle. Thanks guys. Great product.
Kevin Cunningham from UK England.Overall Score: 10/10
Delux Tamper - Red Gum Handle

It's always a bit worry buying something from so far away but I was soon put at ease by Greg and Robinís friendly and helpful service and advice. I am very grateful for all the help given to me especially the purchase of the two new baskets from the La Pavoni stockists in Oz. I was really surprised when the Tamper arrived earlier than expected and I did not have to pay any import tax. As for the Tamper, it is simply beautiful I love the wood it has a nice heavy feel of quality to it that gives you confidence when using it. Thank you Pulman for a great product that will I am sure give me a lifetime good service..
Jason Hart from Victoria.Overall Score: 10/10
blue barista tamper
Great tamper, exceptional service and correnspondance, thanks guys

From the time I made my first enquiry to the time I received my tamper in the mail, the process was made easy due to the prompt replies via email from Robin and Greg. All my questions were answered within and hour or so and the advice on sizes etc... was greatly appreciated as I work on different model machines. I went for the standard 58mm which is great when dealing with high volume orders, it has made my tamping more consistent through peak times.
Tim Mellor from Victoria, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
2 Deluxe Tampers - Wenge Handles
Excellent service from enquiry to sizing to shipping and use.

The Machine 3 group Izzo lever, the baskets are a touch under 55mm so not standard by any means. Time taken including express post across country from me with a basket for size comparison and return with the two custom tampers of 8 days. Excellent communication at all times from the crew and as with previous tampers from Pullman a work of art with a perfect fit and a joy to use. Nothing to take points away so a 10 and happy owner of 3 Tampers and no doubt more to follow.
Filip Bebek from NSW, Australia.Overall Score: 9/10
Barista Tamper - anodised handle and 316 steel base

To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't even bother looking elsewhere for a tamper! The entire experience has been nothing but positive. Communication with the guys over there was always prompt and helpful, with Robin even taking the time to explain the delay in delivery (it was still within the quoted window however). Payment and delivery have not been an issue. And then we get to the tamper - amazing, I cant take my eyes off. Top quality workmanship and materials used throughout. No regrets with this purchase at all =) Cheers, Fil
Kieran David from Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Chequerboard
Fits perfect - Love it

I loved my brother's one. I had to have one. He and my sister bought me one. Yay!!
Anthony from WA, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Jarrah Handle
Great service, high quality product

I'd read the reviews on coffeesnobs and other sites, but you can really only judge the quality of these tampers when you see and feel them in the flesh. Solid, highly machined steel with a perfect finish. Quick, friendly service and great packaging too. Highly recommended.
Leon Fitinghoff from Vic, Australia.Overall Score: 7/10
Deluxe Tamper - Australian Oak

Superb feel to it. A kitchen utensil you like to display. Unfortunately, the 'help lines' on the tamper are too high for the Sunbeam basket. The lowest line is 7 mm above the tamping surface, but the recommended coffee fill is to "a few millimeters below the rim" such that the grounds almost reach the shower screen; which in practice translates to about 2 mm below the rim. Some lower lines would be VERY useful.
Nathan from Victoria, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tampet - Red Gum handle

I had been thinking of getting a pullman tamper for quite some time, and with christmas fast approaching I sat down with my wife and placed the order online. I placed the order on the Sunday before christmas, quite happy to wait until the new year to receive my new tamper.

I was absolutely delighted to receive the tamper on Christmas Eve! Was perfect, loved the redgum handle, lots of character and obviously an aged piece of timber (the best as it's nice and stable). The tamper fit into the synesso basket (also ordered with the tamper) like a glove, but even better it was a perfect fit with my existing synesso basket, an added bonus.

The whole experience exceeded all expectations and I would not hesitate in recommending the Pullman tampers to anyone.
Amy from Qld, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe tamper, Red gum handle
Fantastic experience - could not have been better

A truly exceptional company. Great communication, amazing manufacture time (especially considering it's a week before Christmas), fast shipping and the tamper is PERFECT. It fits perfectly, feels solid and looks beautiful. Thank you very much.
Fiona from NSW, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Checkerboard handle & base

Thanks to Robin's patience, I managed to purchase the corresponding handle and tamper set I was after for my partner's Christmas present! The package arrived much sooner than anticipated and the expert packaging meant it was perfect on arrival, all ready to be wrapped and sat under the tree for the big day. Response to my order and emails was very fast and handled expertly.
Amanda from NSW.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper- with engraving
Wonderful...quick and friendly service.

Thank you for the wonderful Tamper. It is exactly what i was after...something different for my husband and by having it engraved it really adds the personal touch! It looks fantastic and i am lookng forward to giving it to my husband. The service was great, it was fast and the e-mailed contact was personal and made me feel safe about the purchase. I would recommend the products to anyone...you are running a great business, thanks again.
Greg W from NSW, Aust..Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper - Silver Aluminium handle
BEAUTIFUL tamper, great service!

I already had a Redgum Barista tamper and love it, such a beautiful looking and feeling piece of equipment. A friend of mine just opened a new cafe and had a VERY ordinary stainless steel tamper. I took mine around to show him and he HAD to have one - but not in timber, he thought he would damage it. The pullman is beautifully made, feels great - both in shape and weight distribution, and a perfect fit (in the Synesso basket I also got). So I ordered one for him and he was so exited, like a kid getting an early Christmas present. Thanks to the excellent service, he didn't have long to wait. He loves it and, seeing as it's in his hand all day, sees it as the best investment he's made so far. Greg
Patrick from Queensland Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper - Anodized Aluminium Cobalt Blue
My setup is complete.

Lucky me to buy this from a friend of mine. For two reasons. I didnít have to order it online, and I got it at a great price. My barista tamper is AMAZING! Its brand new too!

When I was looking for tampers a friend suggested to get a Canadian Tamper and was telling me all the perks about it. However decided not to purchase.

I strongly believe in purchasing an Australian product. I love the look of Pullmans better and it was convenient to get mine.

Even though I did not deal directly with buying from Pullmans. The staff are amazing. Perfect responses in extremely fast timing along with unbeatable service/politeness. You all know what you are doing as you treat customers with respect and give them an outstanding product. Oh I could not be happier.

When I was reading about how Pullman tampers made shots taste better, I was a little sceptical. Its actually true! Also I might add, I love the 'true tamp' lines! Great job of thinking about that!

Thank you, very much.

p.s to the readers. In my opinion, donít get the Canadian Tamper!
Melissa Macey from NSW Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper, Chequerboard Handle
At last a perfect fit tamper for the La Pavoni

La Pavoni professional user here, and the plastic tamper it came with was obviously crud - struggled on, tried buying other pre-fabbed metal ones (of various prices) and never got a really good fit until I bought the Pullman Deluxe. These manchines are known for being a bit fussy to get consistently good quality coffee on and without the Pullman it just wasn't happening. Now I get a lovely even tamp, giving a rich crema and delicious cuppa, every time. Robin kept in contact with me through the whole process - I'd even forgotten to put my name on the envelope I sent the basket in, for the fitting, but even my stuff-up didn't slow these guys down - a quick email to confirm where I was posting from and it was mystery solved and I had my beautiful new addition to the workbench taking pride of place within a couple of days. The first day I couldn't stop just picking it up to feel the weight of it, truly a quality, solidly built bit of paraphernalia. The hardest part was choosing just one handle - but since it's all interchangeable I will just pick up another when it comes time to change the decor.
Daniel from Victoria, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper - Stealth Black w/custom etching + matching Synesso baskets
It just doesn't get any better.

My tamper order was always going to be more of a challenge than the norm. A Barista model, in stealth black, 316 s/s base, and with custom etching (both text and image). Yet it was still something that was handled with ease by the good folks at Pullman.

Every step of the process, from ordering online to the way my tamper came packaged, to the tamper itself was of as high a professional standard as any I've seen in my years of online purchasing. Robin was always very quick to respond to my email enquiries during the sales process, and kept me very well informed as to how the order was progressing. The tamper arrived within the estimated timeframe, even with a minor mess-up on the engraver's behalf. The Pullman staff (and Robin in particular) really did bend over backwards to make sure I was looked after.

Being no stranger to quality tampers, having used my beloved (Canadian tamper)* for the last ten years, I was still completely blown away by the quality of my Barista Tamper when I received it. Every aspect of design has been clearly well thought-out, and is backed up by a fit and finish that is truly exemplary. Hand-feel, weight, adjustability, and quality of fit to the matched Synesso baskets have already made a very noticeable impact on the quality of my shot extraction. My (Canadian tamper)* now sits on my shelf. It's done well over the last ten years, but he's now been upstaged by the new kid in town.

Great work guys. I couldn't be happier.


* Note: The text in this testimonial has been edited to protect the brand name of the other tamper referred to in the original posting.
Julie from Don Valley.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper Stealth Black handle

What a pleasure it is to deal with Pullman Tampers! Every aspect of my initial enquiry right thru to the arrival of my tamper was dealt with efficiently and professionally. I just couldn't wait to make that first coffee with my new tamper - and it seems to work beautifully and feels like it was made just for me!!

Well done I can highly recommend Pullman Tampers!
Daniel from NSW, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper
Excellent product & service

I really did underestimate the importance of a good tamper. The plastic & alluminium tamper I was using feels (& performs) like a toy compared to my new Pullman Barista tamper. After spending a lot of money on my coffee hobby, the Pullman Barista tamper is the icing on the cake. Before my shots were like thick water - OK, but not mind-blowing. Now they have the viscosity of honey and are consistently full of flavour. And all I changed was the tamper.
Bill Kent from Queensland.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper - Tiger Orange handle
Brilliant product, genuine service

As a relative newbie to barista world, I recentlly upgraded my machine and was seeking to finesse my skills, particularly with tamping. After considerable research, I decided to go with the Barista (with matching Synesso basket. I was not disappointed when I opened the package. The first impression was one of absolute quality. It looks superb feels great in the hand. The critical test, however, is how it performs - or more accurately, how I perform using it. Having rechecked my tamping pressure on a set of scales, I set about using the Barista and achieved significantly improved results from the get go. The TrueTamp rings, its weight and balance, the fit in the basket... all of its design features contibute to a good consistent result. The sevice from Pullman was excellent. There is ample information on the website to address most queries a prospective customer may have. The ordering process was straightforward, there are enough suitable payment options, and delivery was efficient (in my case, from WA to QLD within 6 working days of placing the order). Communication was prompt and clear. The impression given is one of genuinely wishing to satisfy the customer. Sure, some may find the cost a little prohibitive for a tamper, but all things considered, I feel it represents good value for money. Top quality for a fair price!
David Bendle from Victoria, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper - Stealth Black handle
Great product, great service.

I first purchased a Deluxe tamper from Greg a couple of years ago and loved it. This time I decided to go with the Barista tamper because I really liked what I saw and read. Upon received my new Barista tamper I was not disappointed. It is an exceptional product both visually and to use. Very happy with my initial enquiries on the sizing of the tamper, the ordering process was straightforward and the delivery time was excellent. I would definitely recommend to others.
Annalea Johnston from NSW.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper - Forest Green
A work of art; gorgeous and functional!

Super prompt response to all enquires, online ordering and payment was a sinch, delivery time acceptable given the packaging problems at the time I ordered my tamper.

The tamper itself? What can I say... it's a magnificant work of art! It's gorgeous and curvaceous, perfect craftsmanship and boy does it tamp! Functionality is fantastic, can't fault it so far, love it!

Highly recommended :o)
Tory from Sa.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper - Amaranth (Pink) handle

At first I didnt think I had given myself enough time to be able to get my tamp fitted properly before a competition. However, Greg was able to organise my tamper for me with plenty of time. Communication was, and still is excellent.

And whats more, I LOVE my tamp. It gets a fair workout daily but its just perfect :-)
Harvey Jackson from Monte Carlo.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper
Most thoughtful, considerate and helpful.

Good feedback and suggestions. Thoughtful and looked to ge the 'extra mile'.
Caleb Tang from QLD, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Wenge

Thanks for the great advice, timely replies, A+ service, quick turn-around time and such a great, superbly crafted Aussie made product!
Stuart from Adelaide, SA.Overall Score: 8.5/10
Barista Tamper - Argent
Excellent experience... wish the shipping was quicker

Overall a great online shopping experience with the only slight disapointment being having to wait so long to get my mits onto my new tamper. Never the less the communication and the process overall was excellent and the product, well the photos don't do it justice. An awesome tamper and something that I will cherish for a long time I am sure. My first experience with using it was at my local cafe... the proprietor was impressed and so was I. Looking forward to more excellent tamping experiences. I only gave 8.5/10 due to the slight delay processing... otherwise everything so far is 10 out of ten.
Mark from Adelaide.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Australian Oak handle
Great product, great service, and a positive experience

I would just like to say thank you for the overall great service I have received. I was unsure about taking the leap but I'm glad I did. Once again thank you for the great service and producing such a beautiful tamper which is a joy yo use. Regards Mark
Wayne from Victoria, Australia.Overall Score: 9/10
Barista Tamper - Aussie Oak handle
Good job

Great quality base! Improves shots greatly. A few small delays but good communication.
Rick from Victoria Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe tamper, red gum hadle

My brother bought me a beautiful jarrah-handled tamper for my birthday - aesthetically superb, functionally excellent. I was inspired by his gift to buy a red gum-handled tamper for a friend who's working for Monmouth in the UK. At reasonably short notice the tamper was assembled, engraved & dispatched. Thanks for the excellent service & the great products.
Byron Scaf from Vic, Australia.Overall Score: 8.5/10
Deluxe Jarrah Flat
Pretty darn good tamper...

Wow! Your tampers are certainly a work of art - and the care that goes into their manufacture is obvious. The balance, the feel in my hand all lived up to the very high expectations that are built around this product - I read rave reviews about them, especially on coffeesnobs. It undoubtedly increased the consistancy of the coffees we were pulling.

However, one thing I did want to enquire about: Both from other reviews and your own documentation, I was expecting a really tight fit to the basket - don't get be wrong, its pretty good but your documentation indicates that if you have an uneven tamp, the fit is so snug that you'll get a little scraping/jamming against the side of the basket. This doesn't seem to be the case here - there is a little play in the fit and even if I attempt to do an obviously uneven tamp there is I don't observe any catching on the wall. This seems a little inconsistent with what others have said -- is it normal?


Byron: There does need to be some clearance between the tamper and the basket, our aim is to achieve what we term a 'perfect fit' which is not actually zero clearance but the best compromise. If there is insufficient clearance the tamper-basket junction can create a vacuum which can disturb the puck when removing the tamper. If there is too much the tamper is wobbly and loose and the edges are untamped which in extreme cases can cause peripheral channelling. Thus the precise amount of clearance is a trade-off between these two extremes but in many cases is still extremely snug.
Andreas from VIC, Australia.Overall Score: 9.5/10
Barista Tamper - Anodized Aluminium
Fantastic Product

Looks great, fits great, the lines on the side help with ensuring that my tamp is level. I only received it on Monday so haven't had too much time to play with it. Greg offered some good advice before I ordered which was taken on board. Time between order and delivery was slower than expected but I am not the only person in the world ordering a tamper so it wasn't anything major.
Tjiam Charles from Jakarta, Indonesia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Red Gum handle
Superb Tamper, a piece of art, lightning fast shipping

At 26 may i ordered a Deluxe Tamper with Red Gum handle, along with 58mm ridgeless Synesso basket and the Synesso spring, i'm asking Greg to finished the order within 7 days, because i need to go to overseas. But, Greg didn't need 7 days, he only need 2 days (the fastest shipping i ever had). The piece of art arrived with solid packaging, prior opening the box the Tamper feel solid, so much better than other tampers i had previously. Greg match the Tamper with basket precisely. 100% recommendation, This tamper will serve me a long long time.
Aaron (Coffee Snob Azz) from NSW, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Jarrah handle Tamper
More than expected, work of Art

Ordered my pullmans tamper after not much thought due to needing something to bring out the best in my silvia. Ordering was so easy, the only hard part was choosing a handle. There was only one way to go for me, it was the Synesso basket to suit so that tamp would be the best it could and basket would not fall out like the Rancilio brand does. in conclusion it is the best looking tamp i have ever seen and used. almost to good to use but the results speak for them selfs
Claire from WA, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Jarrah Handle
Brilliant communication, Fast Service, Outstanding Product


Pullman is one of the most efficient companies I have dealt with in quite some time. The communication and service was beyond belief!

The handle I wanted for my husbandís birthday was out of stock and not due to the engravers for two weeks. But thanks to Pullman's fantastic communication with myself and the engraver, the beautiful, gorgeous, stunning Tamper arrived on doorstep exactly two weeks after my first enquiry! Custom-made and engraved - incredible!

The payment process was simple, and the packaging it arrived it was brilliant - certainly not over packaged but incredibly strong. Apart from a small strategic bit of bubble wrap the packaging is completely recyclable (that is IF you want to discard the lovely presentation box).

As an ex-barista, I have to say that the fit of the tamper is superb in the baskets, the grooves on the base make me realise how much my hand-tamping could improve, and it certainly looks incredible on the bench. The engraving is beautiful and extremely professional. I will confess to pouring a shot with our Mokita Combi before putting it back it the box and the beautiful even pour certainly seemed to bring new character to our beans.

This experience was marvellous. I can't wait to give it to my husband and I look forward to many years of beautiful coffee.

Thank you so much Pullman!!!
Graham amd Geoff from Queensland.Overall Score: 10/10
2 Barista Convex Tampers - Jarrah
Absolutely fantastic buying experience and product

We recently purchased two Pullman Barista Tampers with the Jarrah handles and were extremely impressed with the quality of the finished product in terms of workmanship and fit within the filter basket.

We both own La Cimbali Junior M21 semi automatic espresso machines and the filter baskets that came with the machine had inward facing spring ridges and were not suitable for a fitted tamper.

Unfortunately, the high quality Synesso basket would not fit our La Cimbali portafilter handles which we understand is a rare occurrence. Robin's assistance in helping us locate suitable high quality filter baskets that fitted our portafilter handles and were suitable for a fitted tamper was superb and was really over and above what could be expected.

Since receiving the Pullman Tamper side channelling has stopped and the rings around the tamper base allow for consistent tamping.

We would thoroughly recommend buying a Pullman Tamper.

Thanks again Robin for your valuable advice.
Daniel Macey from ACT, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Convex Barista Base - Aluminum Handle
A pleasure to use

I have been using my Barista tamper for around six months now and still find the most enjoyable part of coffee to be picking up and using my tamper, that is of course excluding the drinking part.

Summing up the product as a whole my father, who used to be a tool maker, said it was an impressive piece of engineering; my mother, who is a bit of an artist, said it was beautiful and I, who uses it to make coffee, have found it very functional.

As a longer user of the product:
  • The shape is quite comfortable
  • The aluminum handle feels good to touch
  • The rubber is quite grippy and soft to touch
  • The TrueTamp rings are genius
  • The anodized surface is quite resilient
  • The size of the acetal insert is large enough that it would be difficult to miss and hit the portafilter with the aluminum part of the handle
  • It is easy to clean
  • No corrosion (even on the internal components)
  • Construction is solid and precise

Not positive:
  • The rubber part of the base picks up dust and coffee grounds quite quickly - its easy to clean but still
  • If you use the acetal insert for knocking the portafilter it will get marked - this is probably a given but just to note that while acetal is fracture resistant it is still easy to wear the surface through normal use

Despite my "not positive" comments above I cannot really fault the product.

BTW. I am considering getting a Forrest Green handle to add to my collection (of one).
Therese G from Queensland, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Jarrah
Exemplary Product & Service

Communication and assistance to all enquiries prior, during and at the completion of the order was excellent. The Tamper is a pleasure to use. The craftmanship is faultless. An added bonus is that it is a "product of Australia". Can highly recommend to others considering a Pullman purchase. Regards Therese
Granton Smith from NSW, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Red Gum Handle
Awesome tampers!

Overall fantastic experience. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to order... so I asked Pullman Tampers for help. I received prompt answers, and when I made a decision I was able to quickly and easily place an order. I would definately suggest sending in your filter basket to ensure that perfect fit! Mine's awesome. Thanks Pullman Tampers!
CraigC from Queensland Australia.Overall Score: 9.5/10
Barista Tamper
EM6910 user 1+ years quite fussy when it comes to my coffee!

Pre-purchase email enquiry answered promptly. Website ordering pretty straightforward. Was a small delay in manufacturing but communication around this was great (email and phone call from Robin). Tamper arrived earlier that expected after shipping - packaging extremely good! Fantastic product - extremely well made and a joy to use such a well engineered, locally (Aussie) made product. Perfectly matched to the supplied Synesso DBL basket.

Not cheap but don't mind paying for quality this good. Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a better tamper!
Maybe the best tamper in the world

I recomend pullman tampers for two reasons. The first reason for me is the correspondence before and after the purchase .Its just amazing ,its fast ,accurate and you understand that he knows the science of espresso. This factor alone is not capable to get a great product. You need also the research for a product that build to last,and Robin have this also. Thats why barista tamper not only shown but it is the best tamper in the world. Its a great and capable tool that seems to last for ever, what more are you looking for?.

Greek Γειά όποιον Έλληνα εχει αμφιβολια ας μου στείλει ενα email. Τα συνιστώ ανεπιφύλακτα.

English If anyone have a doubt just send me an email. I recommend these tampers with eyes closed.
Mark Dawbney from NSW, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper with Redgum handle

I had seen one in a shop previously and loved the feel and weight of the tamper so after a number of questions, all speedily dealt with, I went ahead with purchasing a deluxe tamper. No problems with payment and it arrived some 5 or 6 days later. Prior to ordering the tamper I was ready to dump my machine but now it is fantastic. The tamper takes no time to get used to and I can turn out what I consider to be perfect coffee. Don't know why it took me so long to place an order.
ALAN GRIMES from QLD, AUSTRALIA.Overall Score: 10/10

Love the tamper. It's a work of art and great to use. I have had to alter my technique with the new basket and tamper as the system I was using with the standard Rancilio double basket doesn't work for the larger basket. Tipped quite a bit of coffee down the sink today, but I've just about got it beat. The last double espresso tasted really good. Thanks for your prompt service. The whole exercise was really simple and easy.
Meagan from WA.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe tamper - Jarrah handle
Great service and fast turn around

Thanks so much for the tamper. We are really pleased with it and it has been used a every day since we collected it. Awesome smooth feel to the handle and very precise production to match the basket exactly. Great service and very fast turn around from order to receipt of the tamper.
Kate Dickson from N.S.W Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper Jarrah
Wonderful online purchase Experience!

Wow! Robin and Greg make online purchasing a breeze! Throughout this transaction i sent many questions to Robin - all were answered straight away with extra recommendations regarding the tamper/font/base choosen. I liked being informed every step of the way and was very impressed with the customer service i recieved. Our coffee tastes amazing now we have thrown the old plastic tamper away! Thankyou so much!
Steve Lynn from Vic.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Red Gum handle

all aspects of the product and service are high quality .... this is what i want when i purchase something. Thanks and you'll have my recommendation.
Cynthia from Tasmania, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Huon pine handle
outstanding from start to finish

From the minute i logged on to the well-set out site and read Greg's justifications for purchasing a custom made tamper i could see i was dealing with professionals who have a passion for the coffee experience and a committed dedication to their work. My single query was answered almost immediately (and at 9pm at night!) and ordering was a breeze. 10 Days later and I am sitting here drinking my first properly tamped coffee - ahhhh.

A custom fitted tamper has made a big difference to my pours and boy, does it look sexy! I dont actually care if i never use it again - it just looks (and feels) so beautiful in my kitchen next to my gaggia. And ALL THIS for only $100? Brilliant :)

You can check my posting on the CS website too.
Reno Siradze from Helsinki, Finland.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper - Checkerboard

One week ago I finally received my ordered tamper which is both esthetically and practically exccelent tool. I decided to use this tamper as motive of my silverpoint drawing. Great work Reno! Coffee and art - what a combination! :D - Greg
Stuart Jackson from NSW, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Jarrah handle
Very Professional Service

Communication from the moment I placed my order was very good, with updates received every stage, from receipt of payment, receipt of filter, to dispatch of product. Once the product was received, the level of professionalism exceeded expectations, with specialised packaging for the tamper, and all wrapped in protective material. I've only used my new tamper a few times so far, but along with the usage sheet that came with it, my coffee experience is improving greatly, something I wasn't expecting.
Alex from SA.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Jarrah Handle

The original basket I sent to get fitted had a slightly tapered edge and raised level indicators. Robin gave me a call and advised me to look at a replacement Krups basket with straight edges for the perfect tamp. I found the right basket the next day and sent it straight back to him. A few business days later my new Pullman tamper arrived, and it's a perfect fit. Can't wait to try it out. Great communication, great service, excellent advice - and one sexy tamper! A note to anyone reading this: If you're unsure about your basket, send it in. I'm glad I did!
Travis Flinn from NSW Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Rustic Jarrah
Great product with amazing service.

This tamper is amazing and does not disappoint. I have always dreamed of getting a Pullman and thought them to be the best available - a thought so difficult to live up to that I actually suspected it may disappoint slightly. It has not - it is the best.

It is a piece of master craftsmanship, but more than that it does the most amazing job! In terms of difference in the cup per dollar spent, I think this is the best value item of my entire home espresso setup! (MUST have fitted to your basket.)

Service and communication was excellent. I put in a more difficult than usual order which put Robyn to a bit of hassle, but he was more than happy to help and provided excellent communication at every step. Never have I experienced as good a service with any other online company.
Douglas Stirling from South Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Flat Barista Tamper - Anodised Cobalt Blue
Pleasantly efficient and easy

Very quick turnaround, and a fantastic product! Greg is great to deal with (and I'm sure Robin is just as good!), and the tamper has shown improvement on my first shot! Getting excellent extraction, and consistent too! The shots out of the naked portafilter on my Silvia are superb, and the tamper looks great. Now to just pimp the rest of my coffee stuff so it looks as good as the Cobalt Blue tamper!!!

The other "coffeesnobs" were right, this IS the best tamper you can get!
James McNicol from NSW.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper Stealth with Synesso Basket
Totally Professional & Logical Experience

Best buying experience I have had from an Australian company and is, easily, on a par with the best Overseas companies I have dealt with. The order status report system you are using is very confidence inspiring especially when backed up with accurate postal information.

The tamper is even better than I expected, the workmanship could not be better and the attention to detail is amazing (even the height adjusting washers are machined to suit the curve of the grip)!

All in all you have more than lived up to you're reputation and I am more than satisfied with my purchase.
Warren Potent from NSW.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper
Excellent service as usual

I received my new Barista tamper today! The service I received from Greg and Robin was as usual 2nd to none. A lot of companies and organisations can learn a lot from Greg & Robin in regards to customer service.

This was my third product I have purchased from them (2 other tampers and a Hottop). I like the new packaging as well, excellent packaging for an excellent product!

Knud Hetlelid from Norway.Overall Score: 10/10
Red Gum Deluxe Tamper

I had been thinking about contacting Pullman for a while. But, I live in Norway - and it's a long way away.
A Sunday afternoon I sent an email with questions. After about half an hour Robin replied, and sorted my questions. Wow! Anyway, I have bought Australian handmade stuff before, and been very satisfied with them (HTN Gordon planes among others), so I had expectations for the quality.

I wasn't disappointed. The tamper is totally beautiful - and feels good. What surprised me the most was how much easier and how even I now tamp the coffee. I expected it to be better, but not that much. If I change machine some time, I will surely contact Pullman first thing. (I gave them my measurements of the basket - and that works for me. I measured both one and two times...)

So, I would very much recommend a Pullman to anyone. Sometimes when I walk past the espresso machine in the kitchen I just get the urge to pick the Pullman up, feel the weight and and the surface of the wood and steel. Not many of my things give me that feeling. And I really like the fact that they haven't put laquer or some goop onto the fine wood - only oil. Now it feels good in the hand and it ages very nicely.
Carla from Perth,WA, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper-Jarrah handle
Perfect all round!

Thank you boys! Completely professional experience, exquisite workmanship-worth it's weight in gold! Robin & Greg dealt patiently with my many emails. Very quick delivery which makes a pleasant change being in WA.

Extremely happy with end product! Has made a noticeable difference to my shots. Other online coffee related suppliers should take a leaf out of their book!
Julie Hobson from NSW.Overall Score: 10/10
Barister Tamper
Easy and uncomplicated

We received our tamper 3 days ahead of the expected delivery time and we are very pleased with our purchase. This tamper is beautiful, it exudes quality, style and class. It is comfortable and easy to use, fitting the basket perfectly. The rings are a great aid in achieving consistent level tamping. Overall it simply works better, feels better and looks better than any other tamper we have used. It is well worth the money
IMAJO from JAPAN.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper-Checkerboard handle
Wonderful service and Tamper!

It offered me the wonderful time. I came not to hurt the hand.And, it is beautiful in above all. Thank you really for Robin who gave it to my poor English politely. Thank you so much.
Matt from Victoria.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper custom engraved Jarrah handle + Synesso double basket
Brilliant service and product

I bought this tamper as a birthday gift for my caffeine obsessed friend. Ordered only two weeks before his birthday, I hoped that it would arrive in time.

Robin called me on the Sunday that I placed the order to warn me it might not arrive in time, but he would do his best. It arrived on my doorstep that Thursday! Admittedly I got lucky with scheduling at the engravers, but I was kept informed the whole way.

The tamper looks great, the packaging is excellent. The price is isn't cheap, but that's what you pay for customisation and quality. Think I'll have to get one for myself...
tina leslie from VIC, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper 316 steel - Australian oak handle
Top of the range service supporting top of the range product and craft

Initial online enquiries clear and choice from range a most satisfactory experience, payment process no problems, followed by fast, clear and friendly service via email from Robin. Delivery time exacting!! Quality, aesthetics of goods on arrival faultless.

This was a present for a coffee snob and engraving of his name as 'coffee artisan 2008' on the aussie oak handle with high grade s/s tamper was received with delight and relish. Information provided in the box was read and appreciated - nice touch. First tamping was met with vocal pleasure!

Overall (with no exageration) we are both very happy with this experience - faultless! - real credit to you, well done!
Milton Root from Melbourne, Florida USA.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe-Oak Handle & Barista-Checkerboard Handle
Outstanding product and service.

When I looked at the site I noticed that the prices were only in Australian dollars and it was clear about that. I emailed about this and Greg labeled the site for Australian dollars that day.

I got one deluxe tamper and one barista tamper and the quality of the workmanship is amazing and the quality of the material is also amazing. Greg really went out of his way to make sure he understood what I wanted. The communication was outstanding. The delivery only took 5 working days to arrive here to Florida USA.

Thanks for everything Greg!!!!!!!
Markus J. from Germany.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper
The best tamper I've ever had!

I've received mine some days ago. I ordered the Barista Tamper with anodized aluminium handle (cobalt blue) and convex base. It took 10 days from order to delivery. That's fast if you notice I live in Germany.

I've had some other tampers before and I liked them so far but since I've the Pullman tamper they are left untouched on the countertop. The Barista Tamper is great. It fits perfectly with all my three baskets and I also like the convex base, the three height adjustment spacers, the well balanced top to bottom weight, the shape, the different ways of customization (color, engraving, material, ...) and last but not least the extraordinary quality it's build of - it's absolutely perfect! I've written a lot why I like the tamper and now it's time to say what I don't like. It's simply the fact I didn't bought it earlier ;-)

Greg your reputation precedes you and to be honest you deserve it.

Make a long story short: "This is by far the best tamper I've ever had!"
Nathan from Qld, Australia.Overall Score: 9.5/10
Deluxe base - redgum handle

Good work guys - The tamper couldn't be better and the service was seamless.

I would like to say that the tamper seems to be sized perfectly. The measurements I provided were taken using a $3 super cheap auto plastic vernier caliper. It's a shame that more people don't know how to actually read a vernier. If you do know how to read one, then maybe it is worth suggesting that people invest in a $3 device to measure their basket. If they don't know how to read one, then for mercy's sake, send your basket in!

Thanks heaps,
Theo Witteman from Qld, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper-Jarrah Handle

Tamper just arrived today, tried it straight away what an incredible difference between the standard sunbeam tamper and now my new Pullman the tamping ring guides are great ensureing that i have a straight tamp thus ensuring that the puck gets even water flow, the first shot i pulled tasted excellent. i will be recommending the tamper to all my friends.
Caleb from NSW, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper
Second to None!

After buying a Deluxe Tamper from a coffee shop i was so happy with it that i had to buy a second base online. the quality is fantastic, the price is very reasonable and the satisfaction is amazing! The customer service is the best i have recieved in a long time! they sorted out all my questions and problems within a matter of minutes! A coffee parts supplier that is second to none. i will be shopping again!
Ron Buschgens from Queensland Australia.Overall Score: 9.5/10
Barista Tamper
Spot on!

I found the ordering process effortless and the product reflects everything that was promised. I was also very impressed with the way it was packaged for delivery.

I guess my only small complaint would be that the top rim or lip of the double basket I purchased with the tamper doesn't entirely fit my VBM portafilter. The lip doesn't extend out quite as far as the stock VBM basket does so there ends up being a small gap between where the lip/rim ends and the portafilter. It doesn't appear to effect functionality, it just doesn't look 100%. 10/10 for the tamper, 9/10 for the basket giving 9.5 overall.

Thanks for the feedback Ron. Unfortunately the nature of any aftermarket part is that it may not be identical to the original part, especially when (as in the case of Synesso baskets) they're not designed as a replacement for a specific unit.
Mark Seiler from QLD Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Stealth Barista Tamper, Synesso Ridgeless Double Basket + Spring
Class Operation, Start To Finsh !

Thankyou Greg and Robin ! Always helpful, willing and able to provide a quality service and product. My Stealth black Barista Tamper is a work of art ! Combine that with the Synesso ridgeless basket and my shots are better then i could have ever imagined :)

Delivery time was less then 48 hrs from ordering ( legendary ! ). Good to see a world class product/service that is 100% Australian too :)

fran from New Jersey, U.S.A..Overall Score: 10/10
deluxe tamper with checkerboard handle

To start Robin was real helpful and nice in helping me with a few email questions. I just received the tamper and can't wait to give it to my husband. It is well made and looks beautiful. Received the item exactly on time. Thanks!!!!!
Kat from SA.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Red gum handle

Thanks Greg, appreciated your prompt delivery and I really like my tamper, I love the look of the red gum handle, suits our country atmosphere :) I'm enjoying the whole new experience of making my own coffee and the tamper has made it all the easier. Kat'
Edwin de Graaf from The Netherlands.Overall Score: 9/10
Deluxe Tamper, Synesso basket
Great job

The entire process went very smooth, and the tamper and basket arrived quicker than I had expected since it had such a long way to go. It arrived within 7 days in The Netherlands. Ordering was easy and problem free. Packaging was well done in a nice looking box. The tamper looks really good, and feels nice. Initially I thought it might be too tight in the basket, but after using it a few times I feel it works well. All in all I am very satisfied.
Jon Newson from Victoria, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Red Gum handle, synesso double ridgeless basket
Can't find fault

As I write this, investment banks are failing, share prices are falling and there is much "concern about the markets" (whatever that means, I don't have a problem with the place I buy my vegies from). After all the hot air about failed theories, there is some reassuring, real-world, practical certainty about a guy who actually makes something, and takes pride in it. A real thing that does what its maker says it should do.

I sound like I'm waffling more than some overpaid huffy talkback radio host, but the reason is I had four double espressos this morning in the 20 that my new tamper helped to make.

Garth from Tasmania.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Jarrah handle
Excellent tamper, none better.

Excellent service and excellent tamper - my coffee has never been better.
Carolyn from NSW, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper, Malabar Gold Anodised Handle
Perfect fit, lustrous, great balance

Pullman Tampers know exactly what they're on about when it comes to these beauties. My Barista Tamper with Malabar (Gold) Anodised Handle has perfect ultra-fine tolerances, customised to suit my Vibiemme Super Lever's unique double basket. Yes, it was worth 'making do' while I eagerly awaited this piece of perfection to be crafted.

It's lustrous, a beautiful work of art, precise, tough, solid, clearly of master-craftsmanship, and displays superb quality in materials, design, manufacture, and packaging.

My custom-fit Barista tamper gives me smooth clean sides down the basket for every tamp. No tap. No puck integrity doubts. No technique modifications to suit a tamper's inadequacies. Just cleaner, better espresso. Isn't that what it's all about?

If you're passionate about coffee, get passionate about these.
Kevin from Victoria, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper/Synesso Basket
An excellent experience - customer service at its best!

These guys are friendly, thorough and communicative. Most other internet vendors could learn a thing a two from them! I was one of Greg's first customers (the very first in fact - welcome back! - Greg) - and am pleased that I went back to him for my new tamper to go with my new LaScala. The tamper, coupled with the Synesso baskets - and I am set!
Michael Young from WA, Australia.Overall Score: 9.5/10
Deluxe Tamper - Jarrah handle
Every bit as good as expected!

I had heard great things about Pullman tampers, so I ordered one when I bought my new espresso machine. The service and product certainly lived up to the reputation! I got excellent advice in choosing the products that I needed, great communication regarding order status, and delivery was nice and quick.

The product itself is absolutely fantastic - looks great, performs well and very easy to use. It has definitely made a difference in the speed and consistency of my tamping, and I can tell from the quality of the product that it will last forever.

Jack Czislowski from Australia.Overall Score: 5/10
Deluxe - wenge - flat base
a lot of work

It is difficult to rate what may prove to be a very satisfying, excellent product against the hindrance of ordering it. My inbox shows 9 emails concerning this single business transaction. That is ridiculous! I do a lot of internet business and this has proven a frustrating one. I would just like to order, provide details and click 'purchase'; without further intervention to complete the transaction. Freight fee is way-too-expensive.

Jack: Sorry to hear of your ordering frustrations. We do provide instructions on how to complete an order with PayPal which ensure the 'order-details-purchase' experience you're accustomed to, and they seem to work for most of our customers. It's unfortunate these were overlooked as they would have ensured your order went through the first time. We do however like every transaction to be as smooth as possible to prevent the inconveniences you've experienced, so we'll try to make those instructions even clearer to prevent any confusion in future. Thanks for the feedback! Greg.

Hi Greg and Robin, Thank you for the reply. I'm sure Robin will joke about an 'email No. 11' gag.

I do wish to congratulate yourself and Robin in answering my somewhat negative feedback about the difficulties in ordering your beautiful tamper. Many companies take negative feedback negatively. I guess there is something in tapping into the psychology of the average customer - who really just wants a simple transaction. I am really looking forward to using the famous Pullman Tamper, both as a tool and a work of art.

Jack Czislowski.

p.s. feel free to use this as a testimonial for excellent customer service
Michael Porter from Victoria, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper flat with Jarrah handle, Synesso ridgeless basket
Superior Product, Exceptional Service

From end to end the experience and ultimately product has been above my expectations - normally you either get one or the other eg service or quality - PULLMAN SUCCEEDS IN BOTH !!

My Experience:
Machine - Rancilio Silvia

Solution - I called and spoke with a gentleman from Pullman who suggested the correct basket, spring, base and handle. And emailed me which product/code to order on their website

Order - This was to easy. I plced the order, received a confirmation number and regular updates via email on the progress of my order.

Delivery - I received the order in about 6 Business days. The product was packaged extremly well.

Outcome - I used the Tamper/Puck and have been blown away in regards to the difference a top qulaity Tamper/Puck has made. The crema is better, coffee is smooth and full bodied, and quicker to make due to the Tamper/Puck fitting correctly with grooves to assist in getting a consistent coffee everytime.

Conclusion: I would recommend a Pullman Tamper/Puck to anyone looking to get the most out of their machine Think of it like this, when you buy a quality car you wouldn't put low quality fuel in the tank (coffee) or fit inferior tyres (Tamper) as the combination of high quality fuel and quality tyres ensures the overall experience is second to none - In this case MAGNIFICENT COFFEE!!

Thanks again
Michael Porter
Geraldine from WA, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista tamper, oil handle, black insert with synesso basket
Hassle free, excellent product

The whole process is hassle free. This is my second Pullman tamper, I also have a deluxe tamper (which I had the base altered when I bought my Expobar Minore II). This time I opted to get a synesso basket, rather than send in mine for measuring.

The website itself, is very easy to use compared to many others online (and I have bought a thing or two online in my time). All questions were responded to in a timely manner, and very respectfully.

My tamper arrived well packaged, and is a work of art. I just use it at home, but both myself and my partner find the Barista suits us well. It handles so much better than the Deluxe.

Overall, I recommend either Pullman tamper to someone considering such a purchase.
Jim Forsyth from QLD Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper,synesso baskets
Excellent service

Extremely satisfied with your srvice and product.I think my coffee making has already improved as the tamper is far superior to the plastic one I was using before. Everything went through without a hitch and I don't know how it could be improved Thank you
Martin Barker from Vic Aus.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper Burgundy Red
Great product

The Barista Tamper works fantastic, its precision machined and the andodizing is second to none.
Seamus from QLD, Australia.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista, Anodised Aluminium Handle
Fantastic Service and Brilliant Product

Greg and Robin I just wanted to say thanks for the quick delivery of my Barista Tamper. The quick delivery was particularly important as I was travelling but needed it for the weekend just past so needed to coord the delivery with my location, which I was able to do thanks to your accurate delivery time estimate.

This was the third Pullman tamper that I've ordered, (I think the first was almost 5 years ago now) and I made the decision to order again as I am making the transition to a commercial environment.

I have always been super happy with the Deluxe at home but I was worried that it might not stand up to being dropped on concrete floors. After making 400+ coffees on Sunday (and the tamper being dropped a few times), I feel the decision to get the Barista is completely vindicated. The fit to the synesso baskets is phenomenal and the tamper itself was almost completely transparent giving me the chance to focus on dose and distribution with new equipment and at a pace significantly higher than I was used to in my kitchen. The design itself is fantastic, I have no blisters or sore spots and I've had those before from pulling 1/10 as many shots with a lesser tamper. The only problem now is that my Deluxe may get relegated to the drawer at home....

Thanks again
Peter from Australia.Overall Score: 9.5/10
Deluxe tamper - Jarrah handle
Made buying easy

Definitely makes tamping more consistent. It also looks good on the bench. Workmanship is perfect and the service & communication was a pleasure due to good advice and easy access to ask questions. The website was easy to navigate and I can confidently recommend this company as an excellent and safe company to deal with over the internet.

They are a work of art and a useful tool to a budding barista.

Peter aka Stan (Coffeesnobs)
Max Woolf from WA.Overall Score: 9.5/10
Deluxe Tamper - Jarrah handle
A positive experience

My initial inquiries were handled promptly and I followed the suggestion to get a Synesso basket and new spring to hold the ridgeless replacement. Delivery, communications and equipment were all excellent.
Chris.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper
Great product, great service!

Robin assisted me in purchasing this quality tamper. On a Sunday afternoon he responded to my questions! Assisting me with exactly what i needed.

The perfectly crafted tamper arrived at the end of the week - and after 2 weeks of using it, I can honestly say I'm getting much better results and consistency with my extractions. The Silvia is performing much better, and I'm making the best espresso's since owning it.
Matt Perger from NSW, Australia.Overall Score: 9.5/10
Barista Tamper - Jarrah handle
Precision, quality, excellence

The waiting period for the "quality control issues" was long but worth it. Extremely well made, stainless steel will last forever, precision lathing fits perfectly in the baskets. Handle is great size, shape and the spacers are a fantastic idea well executed. All over, an absolutely stunning tamp that is worth every penny!
John Uren from Victoria.Overall Score: 10/10
Barista Tamper - Oil handle with custom engraving
Nothing comes close

Hi Greg,

We were both very pleased with the tamper, the packaging, and instructions. It was good to see "100% Australian Made" loud and clear on the side of the box. This should be a good selling point both here and overseas.

The tamper has worked perfectly as expected from past experience. It is amazing to see the number of refinements that can be made to such a simple tool. I think it probably suits my wifes smaller hands better (than the Deluxe tamper we already own). I think you have perfected the design.

As I previously mentioned, the service was sensational.

I hope you sell thousands, become rich, and can manage to keep your production 100% Australian. Good luck.
Gordon Burns from NSW.Overall Score: 9.5/10
Deluxe Tamper - Checkerboard handle
More than just a tamper!

My whole experience with buying a Pullman tamper was almost entirely positive. I was initially put off with the surcharge for credit card payments and therefore paid by cheque which caused a slight delay, but it was not exactly an urgent purchase. I had chosen not to send in a basket for sizing since I have a pretty standard ECM Giotto machine. It turned out that the Giotto basket is not so standard after all and it took an extended email correspondence with Robin Greeney, the Production Supervisor, to determine the precise size of my baskets (their tolerance is 0.05mm). I found Robin to be extremely helpful and professional, and also a great enthusiast both for the product and all things coffee (we even got to discussing grinders).

The tamper arrived safely boxed and padded, although the delivery driver simply dropped a card into my box rather than pushing the buzzer, meaning that I had to collect it from the post office. Upon opening, the tamper looked exactly as advertised. The first thing that struck me was the weight: after my plastic tamper it felt really heavy, but the balance is such that in usage it no longer feels heavy but solid. It fitted the basket like a glove and is a pleasure to use.

However, since it is hard to justify paying such money simply for a tamper I must add that this is not simply a tamper but a beautiful piece of engineering art that is lovely to look at and to hold. It will add to the pleasure of making a fine expresso.
Geoff McCallum from NSW.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Red Gum Flare handle
Perfect service, perfect results

The whole process of ordering and purchase was a pleasure. The tamper was ordered on June 9 and arrived June 18. I have only pulled a couple of shots today and they were both perfect from my Miss Silvia.

The tamper looks so good I feel it needs a little display/storage stand to show it off.
Stuart Barter from WA.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Red Gum handle
Best buying experience I ever had!

This has been the best buying experience that I have ever had, from the initial enquiry through to the final product! Questions were answered within 24 hours, the website was easy to follow with excellent reference information, delivery was the quickest I've experienced, quality of the product was second to none and fit the baskets of my new coffee machine (lelit combi) perfectly.

I would purchase from this person again but unfortunately, I don't think i'll ever have to buy another tamper again, unless i get a new machine. Having someone to deal with in the same state, was excellent also. Thankyou Robin for making this purchase the best i could ask for.
Arek Daniel from NSW.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Australian Oak handle
Fantastic experience

Very informative site. Great info, especially regarding sizing of tamper. Easy ordering. Excellent delivery time for custom made product. Great to see it packaged in cardboard - environmentally friendly! bonus points for this guys!

The quality and aesthetics of the tamper are beyond my expectations. Absolutely beautiful! Made huge difference to my shots' taste & consistency wise. Overall fantastic experience could not have been better. Will definitely recommend to others. Thank you.
Richard from Hong Kong.Overall Score: 10/10
Deluxe Tamper - Australian Oak with Synesso baskets
Great job!

Guys just wanted to let you know that I received my tamper (from Oz to Hong Kong) last week, 5 days earlier than expected.

After a week of use, I love it. It gives me joy every morning - which given the state I'm in before I've had my coffee is a Good Thing. It's beautifully made and fits perfectly. Pre-sales service and communication was excellent, I will definitely be recommending you to friends.

I finally chose one of yours because:
- it was Australian (as am I);
- I like beautiful things;
- I like good steel (this one's just downright strange but I work in the power industry!)
- I like the idea that some guy cares enough about tampers to have bought lathe to make them;
- Good reviews on CoffeeGeek/CoffeeSnobs.com.au.

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